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1. Except as provided under the Consumer Guarantees Act or in sub-clause 12.2, no warranty or condition shall be implied herein against the Company by Statue, Common Law, Law Merchant or otherwise howsoever and no representation or express condition or warranty shall be binding on the Company, unless it be in writing and signed for on the Company's behalf.

2. Where the goods or any of them are subject to an express warranty given by the manufacturer or the parties supplying the same to the Company in either case being a warranty upon which the Company may rely, then the terms of such express warranty shall be deemed to be incorporated herein but without creating any privity if contract between the buyer and such manufacturers or suppliers to the Company and in such cases where a claim is made by the buyer under such warranty, the judgement of the manufacturer or supplier as the case may be as to whether or not there has been a breach of the said warranty shall be final and binding upon the company and the buyer.

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