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Cabinet Accessories

>>CLM-882170-233B 1U Rackmount fan panel with three fans

Depth: 155.1mm
Rack Meterial: Sheet Steel

>>CLM-882054, slider with bracket

These server rails can be mounted in all enclosured with two pairs of 19" mounting angles. Allows servers or other active components to slide into the enclosures that can be screw-fixed to the server rails via telescopic rails

>>CLM-882085 Hinge Fastener

A strenthened stamping heavy plate to provide for stability hinger with heavy loads capacity.

>>CLM-882026 2U Component Shelf

For mounting between the front and rear 19" (482.6mm) mounting angles. The component shelf is infinitely depth-adjustable from 582mm to 775mm

>> CLM-882025, shelf with slider

For installation in all enclosures with 19" accommodation and all swing frames by means of mounting flanges, 19".


>> CLM-9101B, 1U Keyboard Drawer with mouse PAD

2 pairs for mounting
Meterial :Sheet Steel


>> CLM-882030, Drawer 1U
>> CLM-882031, Drawer 2U
For front fixing to 19" mounting angles. With cover and telescopic slides to accommodated assignment lists, pro-gramming documents and small parts.

>> CLM-612027-(XX), blanking panel

As an extension cover or for population as required.

>> CLM-882138-233, Fan Set

Consists a set of fans

>> CLM-124, patch panel, 24ports Cat 5E
>> PP-10-R, 2U Power strip, 10 way, 10A.
>> PP-8-R, 1U Power strip, 8 way, 10A.
>> CLM-882199-619, cable shunting ring(5)

>> CLM-882003-06, Cage nuts M6

For securing 19" electronic equipment and blanking plates to the 19" mounting angles. For use with metal thicknesses from 1.8 to 2.6mm

>> CLM-662009-10, Fixing screws

For 19" electronic equipment and blanking plates, include washers. M6 x12mm.

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