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Exclusive Distributor for VIA products in New Zealand

Pico-ITX Form Factor (10 cm × 7.2 cm)
VIA launched EPIA® Pico-ITX, the world's smallest commercialized form factor , measuring just 10 cm × 7.2 cm. Designed to enable x86 architecture for embedded systems where it was previously impractical for space reasons, the VIA EPIA® Pico-ITX provides an innovative platform alternative to any standard embedded board or x86 system on module.

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Nano-ITX Form Factor (12 cm × 12 cm)

Advancing the trend in platform miniaturization, VIA developed the 12 cm × 12 cm EPIA® Nano-ITX embedded board as the ideal building block for a wide variety of applications requiring even smaller dimensions. With complete connectivity and multimedia technologies, the VIA EPIA® Nano-ITX gives developers even more scope for system size flexibility.

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Mini-ITX Form Factor (17 cm × 17 cm)
Launched in 2002, the VIA EPIA® Mini-ITX form factor has inspired thousands of embedded system builders and end users around the world to create innovative devices that take advantage of its small size and rich feature set. The native x86 architecture provides full compatibility with the vast majority of operating systems and software applications available — both proprietary and open source. The Mini-ITX form factor is designed to fit standard ATX mount points — ensuring a wide variety of compatible chassis. At just 17 cm × 17 cm, VIA EPIA® Mini-ITX provides a flexible, cost effective platform for an almost unlimited variety of applications.

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Embedded Systems

A range of industry-specific applications combines VIA's rich and diverse portfolio of silicon with comprehensive software resources to service customers in specific vertical markets.

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A range of accessories for VIA products.

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