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Model: IPC-RK-E480 4U Chassis

E480B's mechanism is Japanse SECC sheet metal by 1.2mm~2.0mm thickness which is quite durable strength. The handles are also made of strong die casting process, global 3 years warranty guaranteed. The storage space can allow maximum 5.25" ODD x10 which can be installed with  various hotswap HDD mobile racks. The motherboard form factors are available to meet CEB 1.01 12"x10.5" server motherboard or smaller size as well, the expansion cards can be fixed by very stable hold-down card clamp, to ensure stability during transportation. It also supports various power supply such as PS2 or PS2 Mini-Redundant power supply. It combines the advantages of multi-functional and competitive price, welcome worldwide distribution.


* Storage Capacity: 10 x 5.25" ODD (option for various hotswap HDD cages installable)
* Equipped with heavy duty durable die-casting handles
* Equipped with two USB 2.0 ports & Power/Reset buttons & LED display on front bezel
* The main sheet metal constructed by 1.2mm ~ 2.0mm Japanese SECC mechanism
* Equipped with one 80mmx25mm 2ball bearing fan at rear panel (part# KM128025HB)
* Forward & backward adjustable hold-down card clamp with 7 height adjustable holders

* Support MB: CEB (12"×10.5"), ATX(12"x9.6"), MicroATX(9.6"x9.6"), Mini-ITX(6.7"x6.7")
* 8cm or 12cm~14cm fan version standard PS2 PSU compatible (max. depth at 200mm)

* Support SureStar R4S series 400W~500W PS2 Mini Redundant PS (depth 174mm)
* Support Enhance ENR0500 400W~600W PS2 Mini Redundant PS (depth 185mm)
* Support Zippy MRT & MRW series 300W~600W PS2 Mini Redundant PS (depth 185mm)
* Support Etasis EFRP-2402/2462/S2502 400W~500W PS2 Mini RPS (depth 190mm)
* Support SureStar R4B series 600W~800W PS2 Mini Redundant PS (depth 199mm)
* Support Zippy MRG series 500W~800W PS2 Mini Redundant PS (depth 200mm)
* Support 7 slot full height expansion cards max. 260mm deep if 5.25" ODD 170mm deep
* Standard paint: scratch-resistant Black sprinkle paint

* Chassis dimension: 19" x 4U x 480mm (18.89" deep)
* Accessory pack: #6 MB stand-off x14, plastic MB stand-off x1, cable tie x3, #6 hexagon

   head screw x4, M3 hexagon head screw x12, #6 countersunk screw x9, #6 round head

   screw x40, expansion car L bracket/cover x6
* Package: NW 12 KGM, GW 15.00 KGM, 3.54 CUFT (carton size at 53.8x66x28cm)

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