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Model: IPC-RK-E450e 4U Chassis

The high quality design of Mustang architecture meets the thermal requirements of the server environment, standard equipped with stable and low noise cooling fan conforms to good ventilation and dustproof design at front door, global quality assurance and warranty for three years. One of the advantages of this E450e server chassis is the depth at 450mm only. Three 5.25-inch ODD devices can be installed at front side which can also be replaced with a variety of hot swappable HDD mobile racks. Up to 7 sets of 3.5-inch HDD can be installed internally as well. With the sheet metal mechanism, the design of the screwless top cover by hand-free tool can effectively reduce the system assembly and maintenance time. This design uses the 1.2mm thickness SGCC Ultra high strength sheet metal material, all the cutting sections of the sheet metal are made of smooth folding design to ensure free-damage to hands. The security door design ensures data security applicable to a variety of system environments and avoid improper DVDRW burning or removable USB drive replication data causing security vulnerabilities. In addition to installing the general standard 12"x9.6" ATX motherboard, it can also install eATX 12"x13" serverboard as well. Price advantage is also competitive, welcome world distribution from all over the world.


* Total 10 bay: 3 x 5.25" ODD & 7 x 3.5" HDD bay (7 HDD if 12"x9.6" ATX MB installed)
* All bays equipped with damping function to reduce vibration & extend storage life

* Equipped with front door by a security lock & with removable dust air filter function
* Screwless hand-free top cover design (screws can also be used & fixed)
* Standard with two USB 2.0 ports at front bezel (behind the front security door)

* Standard with one brand new 120mmx25mm intake fan at front (fan part# D12SM-12C)

* Equipped with 6 short-medium-long hold-down card clamps upward & downward allowed

* Build-in two ABS screwless 80mmx25mm fan brackets at rear panel (fans are option)

* MB: eATX EEB3.61(12"×13"), ATX(12"x9.6"), MicroATX(9.6"x9.6"), Mini-ITX(6.7"x6.7")

* 8cm or 12cm~14cm fan version standard PS2 PSU compatible (depth at 140~260mm)

* Support SureStar R4S series 400W~500W PS2 Mini Redundant PS (depth 174mm)
* Support Enhance ENR0500 400W~600W PS2 Mini Redundant PS (depth 185mm)
* Support Zippy MRT & MRW series 300W~600W PS2 Mini Redundant PS (depth 185mm)
* Support Sysgration EFRP-2402/2462/S2502 400W~500W PS2 Mini RPS (depth 190mm)
* Support SureStar R4B series 600W~800W PS2 Mini Redundant PS (depth 199mm)
* Support Zippy MRG series 500W~800W PS2 Mini Redundant PS (depth 200mm)

* Support 7 full height expansion cards (max. 240mm deep if HDD installed at front)

* Support 7 full height expansion cards (max. 320mm deep if no HDD installed at front)

* Standard paint: scratch-resistant Black textured at front

* Chassis dimension: 19" x 4U x 450mm (17.71" deep)

* Accessory pack: MB stand-off x12, #6 round screw x40, , M3 truss screw x8, key x2
* Package: NW 10KGM, GW 12 KGM, 3.14 CUFT (61x56x26cm, durable box packed)

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