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RK266 Top

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Model: IPC RK266LB 2U Chassis

This 2U Case's rear panel can support 7 low profile slots or adjustable 3 riser slots and 4 low profile. User can select which version to use without changing rear panel at all, the chassis depth is 660mm and supports up to 12"x13" Intel EEB 3.61 eATX serverboards. Comes standard with four 80mm fans on the center fan wall of the chassis.
Dimension 19" × 2U × 660mm (25.98 inch deep)
Cooling 4×Sunon EE80251B1-000C-G99 80mm×25mm intake fans in the middle fan wall
Power Supply Support PS2  psu (max. psu depth at 160mm)
Expansion 3 × full high risers or 7 × Low Profile cards
Controls Power on/off, system reset and 2 × USB ports
System Board eATX EEB3.61(12"×13"), ATX(12"×9.6"), MicroATX(9.6"×9.6"), Mini-ITX(6.7"×6.7")
Drive Bay 2 × 5.25" DVD bay and 9 × 3.5" HDD bay
Package NW 9 KGM, GW 12 KGM, 2.66 CUFT (79×56×17cm, single box packed)
Riser Card Options Riser Cards
Mounting Options CLM-882054B-26: 26" Slinding Rails + Bracket
GNS-1234RMK: 1234U rear mounting kit, 300mm depth
Backplane Module Options SNT-1041SS: 4×2.5" SAS & SATA HDD/SSD in 1×5.25" Bay, hot swappable.
SNT-1060SATA: 6×2.5" SATA HDD/SSD in 1×5.25" Bay, hot swappable.
SNT-2131SS: 3×2.5/3.5" SAS & SATA HDD/SSD in 2×5.25" Bay, hot swappable.
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