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Model: IPC RK238B 2U Chassis

The era of MicroATX constructed Dual-core and Quad-Core CPU platform has been the mainstream nowadays, the fast and stable server system is also presented by this model of design, the major feature of this brand new design is the depth of this chassis has 380mm only, it supports the most cost effective and stable quality, combines with two intake 80mm fans at front side, comes with totally 4 drive bay with the chassis configuration, fits all standard MicroATX 9.6""x9.6" motherboard form factor and standard PS2 power supply, meets regular server system application.
Dimension 19" × 2U × 380mm (14.96" deep)
Cooling 2 x Sunon 80mmx25mm intake fans with air filter at front bezel
Power Supply Support PS2  psu (max. psu depth at 140mm~180mm)
Expansion 4 × low profile cards
Controls Power on/off, system reset and 2 × USB ports
System Board MicroATX(9.6"x9.6"), Mini-ITX(6.7"x6.7")
Drive Bay 2 × 5.25" CD bay
2 × 3.5" HDD bay
Package NW 5 KGM, GW 7 KGM, 1.72 CUFT (56x51x17cm, single box packed)
Mounting Options CLM-882054B20: 20" Slinding Rails + Bracket
CLM-882054B20-26: 26" Slinding Rails + Bracket
GNS-1234RMK: 1234U rear mounting kit, 300mm depth
Backplane Module Options SNT-1041SS: 4×2.5" SAS & SATA HDD/SSD in 1×5.25" Bay, hot swappable.
SNT-1060SATA: 6×2.5" SATA HDD/SSD in 1×5.25" Bay, hot swappable.
SNT-2131SS: 3×2.5/3.5" SAS & SATA HDD/SSD in 2×5.25" Bay, hot swappable.
Other Information
  • If 140mm deep PS2 psu installed, max. 210mm deep 5.25" ODD device compatible
  • If 180mm deep PS2 psu installed, max. 170mm deep 5.25" ODD device compatible
  • If front fixed with 3.5" HDD, 4 slot low profile cards (max. depth at 170mm)
  • If front fixed w/o 3.5" HDD & bracket, 4 slot low profile cards (max. depth at 330mm)
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