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Model: SG70A 70W Ultra Slim Universal Adaptor with Smart Tip

70W Slim Laptop AC Adapter Specification
Model: SG70A
1. General Description:
This model is an Automatic smart plug mode power supply for Laptop AC input 100-240V 50-60Hz, Output DC Seven voltages: 15V TO 19.5V 3.5Amp max , output power 70Watt max, with protection functions: Overload protection, Short Circuit Protection, power supply by mains supply. With 8PCS tip connecter to suit to almost Laptops, Select output voltage to suit to Laptop and make sure the polarity of tips connect correct before use.
2. Electric Characteristics:

No.Item Specification
1.AC: Rated Input Voltage (47-63Hz) AC120V OR AC230V
AC: Vibration Input Voltage Range (50-60Hz) AC100V-240V
2.AC: Input Rated Current 1.6Amp
AC: Input Power 82VA
3.Output power (max) 70W
AC: Efficiency >80%(TYP)
4.Output Station & voltage±2%:
15V HG1(6.3*3.0)
16V HG2(6.0*4.3) & HG3(5.5*2.5)
18.5V HG4(4.8*1.7)
19V HG5(5.5*2.5) & HG6(5.5*2.1) & HG7(5.0*3.3)
19.5V HG8(6.5*4.3) DC15V-19.5V
5.Output Current:
3.5 Amp MAX (15VTO19.5V) rating load±5%@ typical+0.8V DC15V-19.5V@3.5Amp
6.AC: Overload protection YES
7.AC: Short Circuit Protection YES
8.AC: Over voltage protection YES
9.Line Regulation ±2%
10.Load Regulation ±5%
3.Weight: 192g
4.Case Size: 108*46*29 mm
5.Normal Operating Temperature and Humidity:
5.1 Operating Temperature: 0 to 40 degrees
5.2 Humidity: 20% to 80%
6. Storage Temperature and Humidity:
6.1 Storage Temperature: -10 to 70 degrees
6.2 Humidity: 10% to 90%

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