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Model: SC9049 90W

90W Universal Laptop AC Adapter Specification
Model: SC9049

1. General Description:
This model is universal switching-mode power supply for Laptop, operation at input AC 100V to 240V47-63Hz,Output:USBport:5V@1Amax. DC 7 voltages:12V/15V/16V/18V/19V/20V/24V@4.5Amp max, output power 90 Watt max, with protection functions: Overload protection, Short Circuit Protection, power supply by mains supply. 8 selectable connector support majority of the laptop available in the market.
2. Electric Characteristics:

No. Item Specification
1. Rated Input Voltage(50-60Hz) AC120V OR AC230V
Vibration Input Voltage Range(47-63Hz) AC100V-240V
2. Input Rated Current 1.8AMP
Input Power 150VA
3. Output power(max) 90W
Efficiency >80%(TYP)
4. Output voltage:12V/15V/16V/18V/19V/20V/24V(0/+0.8V NO LOAD) USB port:5V(0~+0.8V NO LOAD) DC12V-24V
USB port:5V
5 Output voltage:
12V/15V/16V/18V/19V/20V/24V(-0.6/+0.6V@rating load)
Output current: 12V/15V/16V/18V/19V/20V@4.5A MAX
24V@90W MAX(no USB port output)
2 USB ports:1A MAX@5V DC12V-24V
USB port :5V 1A
6. Overload protection Yes
7. Short Circuit Protection Yes
8. Line Regulation +/-5%
9. Load Regulation +/-5%
3. Weight: 254g
4. Case Size: 117*55*30mm
5. Normal Operating Temperature and Humidity:
5.1 Operating Temperature: 0 to 40 degrees
5.2 Humidity: 20% to 80%
6. Storage Temperature and Humidity:
6.1 Storage Temperature: -10 to 70 degrees
6.2 Humidity: 10% to 90%

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